Egypt travel tips

If you are planning to travel Egypt any time soon, and hope for tips that make your trip easier and smoother, we are here to help you and advice you in any situation you are going through .

Currency and tipping

The currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound, and if you need currency exchange, you will find most of the banks are open from Sunday to Thursday. However, we offer the service of exchanging money for the same bank rates if you don’t know where exactly to go. You can carry with you cash in case if the ATMs are not working or if you wanted to make tipping. Inform your bank that you are traveling to a foreign country so you don’t get your credit\debit card blocked under any circumstances. Also it’s better to save coins for tipping and keep larger notes for shopping and restaurants. You have to prepare yourself for cultural shock when it comes to tipping and take in your consideration that this is expected anywhere, especially in restaurants, so you don’t get your budget dent.


You better ask your hotel receptionist if you want to go to a specific place by your own. Most of guests are committed to a travel program, but if you are traveling on your own, you have to be aware where you are exactly going. We do operate day tours and full packages as well that include all transfers and a tour guide so you don’t get to worry about taking a taxi or getting lost in the city. Some frequent travelers prefer to tour sites on their own which is totally fine, but make sure of your destinations, your stop stations and how much you are going to pay. We also advice you to carry a map or a guide book if you are hanging out in the city or taking a walk at night, beside hotel address and phone number written in Arabic and English.


As a rule, don’t drink un bottled water or eat raw food. It could be difficult for first time travelers in Egypt to find good restaurants without paying marked-up prices. In Elite pyramids inn, we have created you a menu with a variety of options that include traditional food, grilled dishes, vegan or vegetarian food. All you have to do is ask our hotel staff to order your lunch or dinner meal and it is all with very affordable prices. We make sure to provide you breakfast, tea, coffee and bottled water facilities to prevent you from going through overpricing ridiculous experience. Most of the local restaurants in Egypt are very suitable for vegans since the most traditional Egyptian food is vegan.

Language and communication

Arabic Is the official language in Egypt, but English is spoken widely as well. Don’t worry from communicating or asking people about anything you need, because most of the Egyptians do understand English. Also, shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, stores bills and prices are all in English.